Our Gold Service Level Cleaning Plan

All of The Housework Fairy's clients get our Gold Service Deep Clean as standard! The only difference between one client and another is not the level of cleaning we do but how long we spend doing it and what or where we clean. Clearly the longer we spend at a time, then the more thorough we can be at each clean. The Housework Fairy provides a truly Total Ceiling-to-Floor Clean. You'll find that we DO spot the cobwebs, we DO move the furniture around to clean and we WILL do all the little fancy things like folding the toilet paper and folding your towels in a certain way to make them look nice. But be assured, under the fancy stuff it is most definately CLEAN!

Our minimum Cleaning Plan is for a 2 hour duration. Rather than have standard prices for cleaning a home, we firstly listen to what you would like doing and sometimes make suggestions too. Then we will draw up a plan of action for your home or office. We will then submit a quotation to you. Once we have agreed everything we will call as planned and carry out your personalised Gold Service Level Cleaning Plan.

Some points to be aware of when thinking about how you would like your cleaning plan to operate are shown in a typical plan below. Yours will almost certainly be different and may include more or less elements.