SME - Winners 2017
Proud Winners of the coverted SME News Award - Cleaning Company of the Year 2017

The Cleaning Process

Our Winning Formula!...

Our very first clean for our brand new clients is often a little longer than subsequent cleans. This is because we like to try to remove as much dust and cobwebs as possible and move as much furniture as we can. We high dust the ceilings, walls, tops of cupboards, curtain rails and poles and lampshades.

Then we use flat dusters to bring out the dust, crumbs, broken glass, lego and all manner of other things that have been blown, kicked or drifted under things such as fridge freezers, cookers, washing machines, sofas, and wardrobes, bookcases.

If there is mould or lime-scale to treat, we put the treatment on and clean another area while this has time to work.

Once the low dusting is complete we vacuum everywhere including skirtings to remove the dust and debris. Then we damp dust to remove the dust from the surfaces of the furniture.

Bathrooms and kitchens are priority areas (unless you have told us otherwise). We will clean the mould and remove the lime-scale which may take more than one visit before it is all gone, polish the porcelain, chrome and glass. Remove crumbs, clean greasy hobs, wipe doors and polish handles, clean tiles and splashbacks, remove dust from the gills of radiators (assuming we can get the covers off). Clean sticky marks off doors and light switches not just in the kitchen and bathroom areas but throughout the house.

Finally, we will mop hard floor areas as we leave.

Dust & how we deal with it

Now some people think that the last job to do when cleaning your home is the vacuuming. As you can see from our description we usually vacuum early on in the process. This is because the vacumm cleaner sucks in the dust and air but has to expel the air again. This creates a draft which, on laminate floors and other hard floors forces any as yet un-vacuumed dust into the air. So we damp dust and mop after vacuuming to remove the airborne dust that begins to settle on the surfaces of your furniture.

Now, if your home is particularly dusty on the first visit, you may find that there is still settled dust on your furniture by the time you get home. It may look as though no dusting has been done. This will not be the case. What you will have the displaced dust from high dusting settling lower down. It does depend on the length of time we are in your home. The longer the dust has to settle before we damp dust the more will be removed by us.

Clearly, with a regular cleaning program the amount of dust will eventually deminish and give you a cleaner, more dust free home for longer.

Chemicals - Minimal use

We operate a policy of reduced use of cleaning chemicals, prefering to use natural cleaning products where possible. Modern cleaning products can soon build up and potentially cause or contribute to asthma, eczema, allergies and other disorders. This is why we just use mild soapy water to damp dust furniture, clean windows and painted or wooden surfaces around your home or office.

We have some chemicals though to tackle those really tough jobs such as mould or lime-scale and of course bleach for the loo but if you don’t like the smell of bleach you don't have to have it. Just let us know and we will use a nice smelling disinfectant instead.

We usually ask if anyone in the household suffers from any allergies and recommend that you rinse the bath or shower prior to using it, particularly if we have had to lime or mould treat.


A Healthier Home for you

Why use The Housework Fairy to clean your home?

We are not the cheapest cleaning company, and your budget determines the time which in turn determines the depth of cleaning that can be achieved.

We do however approach the cleaning of every home and the small businesses and offices that we clean in the same way.

That is, we are conscious of what needs to be cleaned in the healthiest and environmentally friendly way to make your home or office clean, healthy and a place to be enjoyed and proud of.