Here's what some of our clients have said either about us or to us

We pride ourselves on the relationship we have with our clients. We like to continually obtain feedback as it helps us develop a very special tailored service.

Your regular feedback is crucial to us. It helps us maintain our high standards, it keeps you happy and helps us monitor our staff and enables us to build a first class service that provides exactly what the client requires.

Once we have started cleaning for you we will ask you periodically for feedback. It is an everchanging world and we like to be on top our game.

The Housework Fairy - Angie Bond
Our Head Fairy - Angie

Angie, thanks for another great clean.

…another great clean. - Jas - Littleover, Derby

Hi, just to let you know the girls did a lovely job again.

…the girls did a lovely job again! - Jamie - Oakwood, Derby

I wanted to text you to tell you how pleased I was with the clean – the house was such a state when I left – the team did a great job!

The team did a great job! - Leisha - Oakwood Derby

Thank you, the cleaning is of such a high standard. You really pay attention to detail

..Such a high standard! - Julie and Colin - Allestree, Derby

The house looks great, lovely and sparkly… It was lovely to come home to a clean house.

The house looks great! Lovely & Sparkly - Sarah and Ben - Spondon Derby

Absolutely an asset to our business, noticeable improvement from our last Contractor. MAP Building and Civil Engineering Supplies Ltd

Absolutely an asset to our business - MAP Building and Civil Engineering Supplies Ltd

We have worked with The Housework Fairy over the last twelve months. In that time their staff have become accepted as members of our studio team. Our customers tell us, through our feed back surveys, they never rate us less than 90% on the studio appearance and presentation. This is a great endorsement in a busy family centred business. Great People, Great Service.

Great People, Great Service! - Venture Photography - Derby

Hi Angie, Many thanks for your kind letter accompanying your invoice. First of all, I must say how appreciative I am of your excellent organised service i.e. 1. You actually put the dates when the cleaning occurred which corresponds to the payment that has arisen. 2. In February you let me know what is going to happen during the Easter holidays. 3. You actually respond to some of the remarks I have made in previous notes. You may think this is normal practice. You would be wrong. You get 3 *** from me for this alone.

Excellent, organised service! - Maria, Derby

Angie, thank you for meeting with my mother to discuss how she would like her house to be cleaned. Having recently had another cleaning company who just did not come up to her expectations, we were getting worried as to whether we would find a genuine good worker. You have met all of her expectations. It is difficult such a dedicated, flexible and pleasant person to match up to my 95 year old mother’s requirements. Her words were… “A proper old-time cleaner – At last!”. Thanks again.

A proper old time cleaner – At last! - John - Chaddesden, Derby

I could not thank my Fairy enough, visitors comment on how nice, clean and comfortable my house now feels. I hope that such dedication to her job reaps the rewards now and in the future. Thank you very much.

Could not thank my Fairy enough! - Melvin - Spondon, Derby

A fantastic service and very pleased with the standard of ironing & cleaning.

Fantastic Service! - Wendy - Mickleover, Derby

Excellent Job, thank you very much

Excellent Job! - Thelma - Borrowash, Derby

Angie is great at her job. I highly recommend her and her company. After every visit there is an “Ooh, that looks better!” factor.

Great at her job! - Elizabeth - Derby

I really appreciated the way that they put themselves out for me.

They’ll put themselves out!… - Maisie - Chaddesden, Derby

I’m so pleased with the thorough cleaning that the Housework Fairy did to each room.

Thorough Clean! - Bob - Chaddesden, Derby